Roger Rennard

A most charming little Bombus!
Roger bombus mallow

We are delighted to introduce and feature Roger Rennard as our featured photographer for the month of October 2014. Here is a short bio on how he began his foray into photography and interest in bees and pollinators:

Roger started taking photographs in the 1960s using a Box Brownie – a gift from his father. As an eight year old, Roger spent time in Whitby, Yorkshire, where his grandfather was a well-known local fisherman, and his first photographs were of iconic local landmarks, including Whitby Abbey.

In the 1970s Roger bought a Canon AE1 Programme SLR – and he has stayed with Canon throughout the following decades. His early images were developed in a primitive darkroom set up in a friend’s kitchen.

Now Roger uses a Canon 5D Mark 111 DSLR with a Sigma 105 Macro for close up shots of the plethora of wildlife he attracts to his North Yorkshire garden.

“I’ve always been interested in wildlife and animals. When I was taking photographs of birds, butterflies and bees around the North Yorkshire Moors 30 years ago I had no idea that they would become so seriously under threat in the 21st century. For 20 years my business commitments meant that I rarely had time to pursue my hobby. A few years ago, with more time on hands, I picked up a camera again. Initially, I focused on dog photography – I own two photogenic chocolate Labradors who are happy to pose for the camera.

“As I read more about the serious threat to bees and other pollinators I started to replant my garden to attract bees; creating a lavender hedge and planting a wild flower area. I’m passionate about protecting bees and butterflies, and by sharing my photographs I hope that I’m part of a movement creating a greater awareness about the importance of bees to human survival.”
You can see more of Roger’s work on and to contact him please email

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