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GASAB is pleased to introduce Paul Gray of Paul Gray Photography as our featured photographer for the month of September 2014. His work captures the exquisite beauty of his subjects and the splendor of nature in general. Please take a moment to read a bit about Paul(in his own words) and to peruse his gallery of lovely photos:

“I have enjoyed photography since receiving my first 35mm camera at age 16. That was quite a few years ago and it is still a passion in my life. During the past two years I have started to promote my photography again and I have been gratified with the acceptance I have received.

Over my early adult years I was content to be the family photo-archivist. After my children left home, I began to promote and incorporate other areas into my photography. I was, by my standards, fairly successful. I then took another sabbatical to again be the family photo-archivist with the next generation – grandchildren. Now that everyone has a camera/phone and the grandchildren are, for the most part, semi-grown archiving has become distributed among the family.

When asked what kind of photography I do, I am never sure exactly how to answer. I enjoy a variety of subjects: Landscapes, Cityscapes, Seascapes, Architecture, Children, Still life, Nature, Flora, Macro, Birds, and Wildlife. Its really never been as important what I photograph, but how I approach the subject. Each one entails different technical, artistic, and emotional considerations. But, I try to always leave room for serendipity.

Through the use of light, patterns, form and personal perception my goal is to capture the beauty and magic I see around me.

Photographing bees – “For the macro photographer in search of fascinating subjects, colorful backgrounds, and technically challenging photography, look no further than the nearest stand of pollinating flowers. There you will invariably find buzzing, herky-jerky bees bouncing from one flower to the next collecting pollen. How do you shoot something that is so small and in perpetual motion?” PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE…”

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