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Solitary bee visiting penstemon
Teri 1

We are honored and pleased to introduce Theresa Garrison of Divine Eye Images as our featured GASAB photographer for the month of August. Her photographs captured us from the first time we saw them. May their beauty and magic inspire you to love and want to advocate pollinators all the more. Here is a little bit about Theresa or Teri in her own words:

“I am a nomad with a camera. I love to wander the world and look for the Divine in art, architecture and nature. Most of my work has been donated for use in conservation endeavors and I’m thinking that middle age is great time to strike out on my own. I love heading out, coffee cup in hand and camera bag full of gear, into the unknown. In the meantime, I have been lucky to have photos published in Montana Outdoors, The Blackfoot Challenge Conservation Group, the Nature Conservancy and most recently, in the 2014 spring edition of MAMi magazine and 2014 summer edition of Traffic Magazine for Men. A newbie to the greater world of online photography, I am preparing my website and hope to have it up soon.

Always a child of nature, I have a special love affair with flowers and bees (actually all pollinators). Their plight is our plight and I am heartbroken at the catastrophic loss of bees across the planet. I am devoted to supporting any and all efforts that secure the health, happiness and vitality of these most beautiful and divine beings.
Divine Eye Images

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