Lanchi Rawson

We here at GASAB would like to introduce Lanchi Rawson featured photographer for the month of July 2014 . Her unique sense of style and ability to capture her subjects in the best possible light drew us to her instantly. Please read on to find out more about this talented photographer:

“I have always loved watching programs such as Jacques Cousteau and David Attenborough that offered me glimpses into other worlds that exist right here on earth. The first book I ever read was Born Free by Joy Adamson. As much as I loved to immerse myself in these other worlds life has had other plans for me.

I became an avid gardener in my spare time. I garden with soft fingers rather than iron gloves so that my garden evolves, not as a regimented space of borders, but rather a haven to be enjoyed. Little did I realize that my Garden Haven would come to play a larger part in my life. In 2010 I bought myself a Sony Alpha 380 camera and later a Canon 60D. I had finally found that world in which to immerse myself. Everything was fair game. I chased celebrities, photographed events and followed musical bands, but the haven of my garden became my playground. Every bee, butterfly, spider or beetle became my model(and they work for free!). As I pitted myself against my camera settings and the insect to get an image I became more drawn into the world of macro photography. Often my lens is is just inches away as I try to give the viewer a glimpse into yet another world. It was quite daunting to stay still at first especially when a bee would fly off from a flower or when a spider ran up the camera onto my face.

I go out in my Haven with cameras several times a day. I find than I now mark the year by the arrival of certain birds or certain butterflies and bees. I notice if species are sparse or different. Last year I found that there were many big, fat, juicy bumble bees buzzing round but, this year I am noticing larger amounts of the smaller white tail bumble bees. I am also witnessing casualties of bees dying for no apparent reason in the Haven. To try and help I am making cane bundles so they may have some where safe and dry and I have planted around a dozen Buddelia bushes and a lot of lupine, foxgloves and red hot pokers. My favorite photograph is of the two bees I found dead in the Haven. This image and my other photographs give me hope that others like myself will do all that can be done for the rebirth of the bumblebee.”

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