Melipona the Mayan Princess


This is the story of a little princess, destined to rule over a peaceful Mayan kingdom but who experiences cruelty at the hands of certain men whilst at the same time discovering the goodness of Nature.
Raised with a jaguar for a sister and a peasant’s son for a best friend, she goes on to become the representative of the bees, held sacred by the Mayans as messengers of the God of Life. This magical encounter symbolises the lost alliance of an era in which Humanity, filled with humility, was not yet considered central to life on Earth, but just one of its many humble elements whose duty is to live in harmony with its animal, mineral and vegetable environment.
This story is a delightful introduction to the wonders of this fascinating civilisation guaranteed to enchant children with both its spellbinding illustrations and its beautiful message. Currently available in French, Spanish and English.
For your copy, please order directly from publishers Baroch Editions or from IBRA, their exclusive distributors in the UK. 

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