Christine Prince

Bumblebee visiting lupine
Christine 1 bumble blue
We are so very pleased to introduce Christine Prince aspiring bee activist and featured photographer for the month of June(2014). Read on to find out a little more about Christine background and her fascinating future plans!

“Growing up in the pacific Northwest has given me the fantastic opportunity to get acquainted with nature. Whether it be hiking the beautiful Olympic mountains, beach combing for sea glass or fishing alpine lakes in search of a trophy trout! Photography has always afforded me to capture those special moments otherwise lost in time.

This year I have traded my hiking boots for gardening gloves and turned my recent attention toward 100% organic gardening. There’s nothing like being in the garden on a sunny day while relaxing to a melodic bird song, it is like therapy for me. There is an amazing diversity of insects to be found if you just take the time to notice! One thing that stood out for me while working on this project was the decline in our bee population, making them almost impossible to photograph!

I am currently working on a couple of projects to create awareness within my local community. I make handmade soap using all natural ingredients and soon I will be featuring my “Save the Bees” soap made with local bees wax and organic honey. For every bar of soap sold I will buy a stamp that will send a post card to our local city council to ban Neonicotinoid pesticides. I am also working with a local brewery to cask a beer made with local honey with the same focus in mind. More details to follow.

We all need to create awareness, Even if you think one small thing you do won’t make a difference, think twice! After all, bees are small things and yet they’re survival is vital to our lives as we know it. Save the bees!”

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