Adrian Jaggarroo Photography

Precious bumblebee enjoying the buddleia!
Adrian 15 bumble on buddleia
We are pleased to introduce Adrian Jaggarroo, backyard photographer extraordinaire, who currently resides in the United Kingdom. He has been sharing his lovely photos with GASAB for as long as we can remember and we felt it was time that he was featured as photographer of the month!
“As a child I’ve always been fascinated by bees of all types. I remember watching the large black and purple-blue colored bees in Singapore, an image I have never forgotten. As a gardener I have always observed bees and understand their place in both the garden & ecosystem. The sound of the humming bees and the sight of their delicate wings leave me in wonder. After getting camera, I could finally capture the bees closer than before & enjoy sharing the passion & joy they bring me.

We so appreciate and enjoy Adrian’s photography and love for these wonderous Beings and we hope you will too!

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