Addiebeephotography-Amanda Devitt

Hello, World! A mason bee playing peek a boo!
Addie Hello
We are so very pleased and delighted to introduce Amanda Devitt of Addiebeephotography as GASAB’s April featured photographer.
Amanda Devitt was born and raised in Michigan where she grew up enjoying nature and nearby farms. Her passions for nature and photography developed at an early age and her interest in “bee-charming” was initially sparked by a scene from the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”.
After moving to Long Island, New York, she worked at a wildlife refuge where she listened to an educational lecture on beekeeping and finally decided to give it a try. After her first experience working a hive with a local master beekeeper, she was hooked. Amanda currently works as a radio operator, talking to airplanes across the Atlantic Ocean and coordinating with air traffic control centers around the world.
In her free time, she passionately enjoys beekeeping, astronomy, photography, and music. “I want to use my photography to help educate people about nature,” Amanda says. “I hope I can inspire people to see, appreciate, and take care of the world around them.” Amanda encourages people of all ages to take a little time to observe and appreciate what Mother Nature is doing around them. You can see more of Amanda’s photography at and follow her on

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