Sunny Solwind

We are delighted to introduce and feature Sunny Solwind of Solwind Art!
Solwind display
Art as medicine ~

Sunny Solwind’s visionary art echoes universal and archetypal themes that celebrate our connections to nature, the Divine and each other. His detailed images are influenced by traditional tribal art, ayahuasca, Santo Daime, NAC, and other ceremonial, ritual traditions.

Rather than literal translations of the animal and plant kingdoms, his images evoke and capture the spirit of nature, the intersection where nature and mysticism on going exportation into art as medicine.

Sunny’s art is a Path of the Heart. He says, “My work is inspired by my love for the natural world. It echoes universal and archetypal themes with images that celebrate our connections to nature, the Divine and each other. I am drawn to detail and the striking power of black and white. Within the simplicity of black and white all comes forth. Intention and prayer is woven into each image as a reflection of everything interconnected through the power of love.”

Sunny Solwind has collaborated with Buddha Cat Press and Stephen Ross in making these amazing limited edition silk screened art prints.

Unlike digital prints these are hand printed, one by one, by master printer Karen Fiorito, who works with some of the best artists like Robbie Conal and MEAR One, and museums here in LA and beyond.

These are not machine printed posters, each one of these is a unique art piece, signed and numbered in a limited edition, meaning once these are gone there won’t be any more like them. If you are a collector you know what he’s talking about. Make sure you get yours soon :)
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Sunny is also a talented musician. He is in a band called “Luv Amp Project” which plays a significant role in his life and is an inspiration for his amazing artwork. Sunny says, “Modern science may confirm what we intuitively intuitively feel and know — that there’s a tangible connection between the heart, mind and world ~ waves and vibrations connect us to the world and each other. The LuvAmp Project is an artist’s collective combining traditional and contemporary understandings of the heart to create art, media, music, and events to amplify the frequency of luv! Luv Amp takes part in a variety of Events and Prayerformances. They take ceremonial aspects to the main stream…For those who would like to experience and enjoy another facet of Sunny Solwind’s highly creative spirit please go to:

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