Simon Croson

Meet Simon Croson…Here he is taking a photo of unsuspecting pollinator!
Simon taking pic

Here we have Simon’s bio in his own words:

I began beekeeping in 2005 after taking a basic beekeeping course. I won my first Beekeeping Photography award at the County show after having kept bees for only a month. Photography pulled me into beekeeping rather than the other way around. I found that the best way was to take photos and learn at my leisure. As I entered more shows it was not long before my photographs started capturing more and more people’s attention. This has resulted in many awards at local, county, national and World Honey Shows. At the last two Apimondias I was awarded two Gold’s and a Silver along with a special mention at Argentina. My profile has led to invitations to speak and deliver workshops at four American Beekeeping conferences.

As a professional beekeeper and member of the Beefarmer’s Association, I run a successful business that translates into my products and activities, where the experience of managing 200 colonies and producing nucs as well as queens allows me the joy of sharing my experience and knowledge with others. I enjoy my commercial beekeeping but also my garden hives that allow me more leisurely time with the bees and a ready-made studio.

I have used Olympus cameras almost exclusively. The very first camera I purchased was an OM10. It wasn’t long before my photography turned to macro work. I still use some of those original lenses although these days the Olympus digital lenses are still superb and very quick to focus. I use an Olympus ring flash on many occasions, something that most macro photographers benefit from.

I still get a buzz out of seeing other people’s work and enjoy trying to capture similar photographs. If I could suggest anything it would be to take common sense precautions when taking bee related photographs:)

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