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Introducing Holly Sierra!
Holly Healer skep
Holly says: “My paintings are about color, magic and mystery. I am inspired by languorous meadows, the buzz of the honeybee, the wildflowers of the wood and the moon’s reflection in the sea! I love creating Goddess and Mystical beings. My paintings are filled with decorative details from a myriad of ethnic cultures and mystical lore.”

Holly Sierra’s art is marvelously decorative, colorful and vibrant. With an amazing penchant for detail, her paintings allow us a glimpse into an enchanted world filled with nature scenes, goddesses, mermaids, green men, fairies and captivating beasts. Both Holly’s parents were artists and perhaps their most creative endeavor was building their own cabin in the country. Growing up with forests, wide open fields and farm folk left indelible visual and emotional memories that prevail to this day…Fireflies and soft summer nights, dusty dirt roads, the general store, cornfields, picnics in the tall grass, hay lofts, clutches of sheep and cows, honey combs and preserves, outhouses, rock gardens and apple trees bent with fruit, bunches of herbs hung from dark beams and misty mornings. All these sweet memories linger still…

Holly’s been drawn to painting things ‘mystical and magical’ for as long as she can remember. After her fine art education at SUNY Purchase in NY, the next decade found Holly living and traveling extensively in Asia. She now blends her marvelous multicultural memories with themes that influence and fascinate her today.

Upon her return to America, Holly went to work as a children’s book illustrator. Her paintings adorn a variety of books, magazine covers, t-shirts, art bags and greeting cards. At present she awaits the publication of the ‘Chrysalis Tarot’ deck by U.S. Games, featuring 78 of her original paintings. As well, many of her paintings are offered as greeting cards through Leanin’ Tree Publications. For those interested in her highly imaginative and detailed ‘Earth Goddesses’ series, prints and greeting cards are featured for sale on her website.
Holly makes her home with husband Steve, children and beloved pets amidst the picturesque green mountains of Stowe, Vermont, where she is an active member of The Vermont Hand Crafter’s Guild and the local ‘Arts and Crafts Festival’ circuit.

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