Henk Wallays Nature Photography

Bombus lapidarius
Henk Bombus Lapidarius
Henk Wallays is a Belgian based nature photographer using close-up/macro photography to capture local wildlife and the surrounding environment. His photography offers a delightful amount of detail which highlights the intriguing beauty of his models whether they be bees, amphibians or flowers.

Henk has recently stepped out of the realm of documenting salamanders and newts around the world and is currently enjoying journeys closer to home by taking photos of local insects and other arthropods. Some of his favorite subjects are Hymenoptera(wild bees) not only because of their appearance & variety, but also by the many interesting relationships they have with other bees and plants. A part of Henk’s garden has been purposely planted with local/endemic wildflowers in order to attract many wild bees and pollinators. If not there, his images are taken at local Nature reserves or abroad with his camera at hand.

Henk currently has an impressive 145 different bee species on image and hopes to extend his collection further in the coming years. He is also one of the authors of “The Mining Bees” in the area of Meetjesland and the surrounding area. This is an 80 page booklet laden with incredible photography which aims at describing the ecology and offers tips for field identification of the many mining bees species (Andrena) which includes the very rare Andrena Nycetherma that are active in his area. Together with other local enthusiasts, Henk with camera in hand is active in taking insect inventories for various local nature reserves.

For many more stunning photographs please check out his website and galleries at: http://intruigingnature.photodeck.com/-/galleries “

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