Meet Leonardo Scarnici: Designer, Photographer & Producer

"Photo by Leonardo Scarnici using iPhone and Olloclip"

Leonardo, a creative designer sponsored by Olloclip, is working independently to generate informative awareness content for the public about honey bees.

Leo’s current mission is to deliver Natgeo quality content to the beekeeping industry with easily digestible information for the public, with efforts to expose the bee’s true nature, beauty and roll in our planet’s agricultural survival.

Future aspirations: Leonardo intends to keep pushing this mission, providing an educational resource for people in an effort not only to raise awareness, but to empower the masses to make informed differences on an individual level through an understanding of the world in which we live.

His work, however, does not stop with honeybees. Leo’s plans include a wide range of agricultural topics which include interviews, insights from beekeepers, farmers, sustainable practicing business owners and more, all while presenting their role connection to the population in order to expose how we are all interconnected on this planet.

Watch Leonardo’s bio here: or reach out to him using these links below:




GASAB has come across the most beautiful photography during 2013 and Leonardo’s vibrant cheer merits GASAB’s ringing in Photographer for January and a hopeful new year. We hope that you will enjoy Leonardo’s insightfulness as much as we do.

We feel that he deserves this month’s feature to highlight that beautiful pictures can be taken with simple equipment while still being inspiring and informative.
We are privileged to be able to have the opportunity to show some of his pictures as he too has been very supportive of the bee cause.

Welcome to January 2014, Leonardo!

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