Meet Tai Hicks

t1 - Honey

Tai’s artwork reflects a very deep love and appreciation for honey bees.

Throughout her life, she has grown more enamoured with them – their harmonious existence, their pollen dances, their grace.

Bees have been considered precious and even sacred in many cultures. They have been revered and guarded and rightly so.

Although Tai has always been more of a skeptic when it comes to things sacred, honey bees have somehow always been the exception.

In Tai’s own words, “being the mere mortal that I am, I can only express this profound affection through my art. I have always struggled with anger and anxiety and have found that when I paint these miraculous creatures I become calm, serene, and meditative. My aim is to both portray my reverence in such a way as to ignite that hallowed adoration in others, as well as bring awareness to the threat that these most precious beings continue to face.”

The series that Tai is currently working on, titled “Apis Cosmonautis“, explores her own morose imagining of the bees growing tired of the abuse and apathy they face amidst the barrage of environmental damage. They congregate and abandon earth to its self-wrought fate, swarming across the galaxy and beyond in search of a new hive.

You can also find Tai online via her Etsy shop which features other artwork too.

Apis Cosmonautis” can also be viewed in our gallery.

Thank you Tai!


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