Meet Elisabetta Poggi: Organic vegetable grower and beelover

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Elisabetta Poggi’s bee pictures are – much in the same ways as November’s featured photographer – a direct anecdote of her life. Bees became incredibly important to her over the last 15 years as you will establish from her short biography that follows:

Elisabetta was an organic vegetable grower until 15 years ago when she met her current partner who had just opened an apiary. It was magic and love at first sight!!! Given her background, Elisabetta was already used to observing and respecting the balance of nature around her, reason for which she had chosen to live in the countryside and cultivate her land in harmony with nature. She immediately connected with bees and in a way they kindled a new light in her being. At the same time, this was also a new world for her: one made of many small beings, perfectly organised, each little life and being performing every action with intent, yet in perfect harmony with each other. Her fascination for bees never fades and every hive opening will harbour something new – another little gem and another little event to make her heart leap with joy. In her own words, the reason for photographing bees and pollinators on flowers, leaves, seeds etc. was to share her emotions and experiences through her pictures with those less fortunate of experiencing the wonders of the smaller world. We hope that her pictures will touch the hearts of some who have not yet experienced the world of bees and raise awareness of the beauty and importance of pollinators as well as give enjoyment to all of us who share her awe of these beautiful and fascinating creatures.

GASAB boasts some wonderful and brilliant photography and Elisabetta most definitely merits being GASAB’s Photographer for December. We hope that you will take inspiration from Elisabetta’s work and love of bees.

We feel that she deserves this month’s feature to highlight the value, love and spontaneity that she puts into her pictures. Her pictures are inspiring and make “taking pictures look easy”.
We are privileged to be able to have the opportunity to show some of her pictures as she too has been very supportive of the bee cause.

Welcome to December, Elisabetta!

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