Meet Caroline Jones, aka Mrs. Gardner

Meet Caroline Jones

Caroline Jones’ bee pictures are, in a way, a direct anecdote of her life as virtually all her pictures are taken on her mobile phone. Bees have become incredibly important to her as they teach her over and over the wonders of the world and what it is like to be a child again once more.

GASAB boasts some wonderful and brilliant photography and Caroline has some real treasures. We hope that many will be able to take inspiration from Caroline’s pictures and hear the ‘voice of the bees’ through her instant snapshots and see the love and joyous beauty of our little friends.
We feel that she deserves this month’s feature to highlight the value, love and spontaneity that she puts into her pictures. Her pictures are beautiful, natural and spontaneous. Caroline has a lovely collection of pictures on her Facebook  page which she gladly shares with other pages too.
We are privileged to be able to have the opportunity to show some of her pictures as she has been very supportive of the bee cause.

Her collection, which includes in excess of 600 pictures, can be viewed on Facebook, a selection of which can also be viewed in our gallery.

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