PASS – Plant A Seed Saturday: Poppies – Lest we Forget

If you have not already done so, please make your way over to our facebook page and join us.

This month, we have decided to postpone our PASS event by one week to coincide with Veteran’s or Remembrance Day. We are asking you to sow Poppies to remember lives lost in combat.

2014 marks the 100th Anniversary of the start of WW1, which saw more than 16 million soldiers and civilians lose their lives. Another 20 million were wounded which makes this 4-year long conflict one of the deadliest witnessed in human history.

GASAB would like to commemorate the loss of lives lost in conflict by encouraging everyone to sow Flanders poppy seeds papaver rhoea throughout the world.

Flanders poppies are also known as Corn poppies or Shirley poppies and are also a pollen source for bees, bumblebees in particular, and attract other beneficial insects too!

Simply sow the seeds now to coincide with Veteran’s Day and wherever you wish for August-September bloom to mark the 100th Anniversary. You may want to mix the seeds with fine sand before sowing to make them spread further while you sow, as seedlings do not usually tolerate transplanting.

Again, we are counting on you – big or small – to help out.

Please invite everyone on your friends’ list to partake in this event and lets spread the seeds around the world.

* We are offering poppy seeds on a pay as you wish system. We suggest a $5 donation to help pay for overall shipping, but you can request your poppy seeds totally free of charge. Those who pay for shipping will receive priority; those who donate to our shipping fund will enable us to mail these free of charge for others whilst also contributing to our calendar project. Pay as you will: $5 (7,000 seeds / $2 shipping fund) – $3 (7,000 seeds) – $0 (Please help me with shipping) – $10 (14,000 seeds / $6 shipping fund) – $20 (35,000 seeds / $10 shipping fund)

PASS - Poppy Seeds

PASS – Poppy Seeds


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