Free Poppy Seeds

PASS - Poppy Seeds

PASS – Poppy Seeds

We are offering poppy seeds on a pay as you wish system.

We suggest a $5 donation to help pay for overall shipping, but you can request your poppy seeds totally free of charge. Those who pay for shipping will receive priority; those who donate to our shipping fund will enable us to mail these free of charge for others whilst also contributing to our calendar project.

Pay as you will: $5 (7,000 seeds / $2 shipping fund) – $3 (7,000 seeds) – $0 (Please help me with shipping) – $10 (14,000 seeds / $6 shipping fund) – $20 (35,000 seeds / $10 shipping fund)


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5 responses to “Free Poppy Seeds”

  1. Sue Doring says:

    I just donated 10+. I will thoroughly enjoy planting the seeds in my back fields. Thanks.

  2. Kaynek says:

    Just sent in 10$+ :). Thank you for doing this!

  3. Sue Doring says:

    Maja, I have not received them yet.

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