Meet Danielle Barlow

Bee Mother by Danielle Barlow

Danielle grew up on the wet and windy Devon moors, in the southwest corner of England. After several years of study and travel, during which she ached for ‘the land of her bones’ she returned to this northern edge of Dartmoor to raise her children, grow vegetables and paint, amongst a motley collection of cats, dogs and ponies.

She works as an artist and illustrator in paint and ink and occasionally in stitch.

Her work draws heavily on mythology and British folklore, especially themes of transformation and female empowerment.

As you can see from her work, she feels a very strong connection to the land and the wildlife around her and her paintings reflect this.

Danielle works from a little studio looking out onto her garden and you can find her there, or online via her Etsy shop or her amazing  Blog which features much, much more and quilts to die for.

Some of Danielle’s work can also be viewed in our gallery, although for a more complete picture of her work, please visit her  Etsy shop and her  Blog.

Thank you Danielle


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