Meet Tarja Kelly


Tarja Kelly has been taking pictures of all types of pollinators. We feel that she deserves a special feature to highlight the value and beauty of her work. Her pictures are amazing and should be presented as a collection to get an idea of their beauty and the acute power of focus and enhancement of detail of our 6-legged friends.

Bees and other pollinators feature in her work that is of a very high standard. We are privileged to be able to have the opportunity to show a series of pictures from Tarja who has been very supportive by letting us show her pictures in the past.

Some of her work will also be featured in downloadable form and can also be viewed in our gallery.

Thank you, Tarja!

2 responses to “Meet Tarja Kelly”

  1. Adrian.C. Wootton-Woolley says:

    I think it awesome and keep up the work and I take pictures of the living Jewels as well. :) I am on Facebook as well and you can see my bee pics but very limited with the cameria I have but do my best. I was waiting for the bus this afternoon and sore a big bumble bee going around the bus stop post and it gave me a bee kiss and landed on my nose and stayed a few mommments and then flew off and went around me and then on it way doing bee things. They are truely living jewels :) BB,Adrian )o(

    • Maja says:

      Hello Adrian – really pleased you like the work that we are doing. We are hoping to feature a photographer every month, so do please keep posting your pictures. Thank you for your lovely post. Bee blessed <3

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