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Just Bee Apiary is a Chemical Free operation with a focus on raising, managing and teaching how to keep honeybees in the most natural way possible.

We do not stress our bees by moving them around the state for pollination. We focus on highlighting all the wonders of the bee.

At Just Bee Apiary we take a LITERAL approach to the “buy local” movement.

Each community we live in has a distinct flora or “Terroir” (Tare-Wahr) that is special to that geographical area.

 Every town has a unique blend of rural or urban floras. Our honeybees forage for several miles gathering nectar and pollen (mother nature’s fingerprint)

 then bring it back to those hives and convert them into honey, a liquid time capsule of each year’s unique flavor.

We harvest our micro-local honey and then using a proprietary method; blend all of those flavors (locations) together

 and create a rare chance for you to know…what HOME tastes like.

2013 Hometown Vintage Honey Blends

Orange County Honey

Carrboro Honey

Chataham County Honey

Saxapahaw Honey

Just Bee Honey: “Created by Artisans….Bottled by Humans”

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Cheers! Marty Hanks (Head Bee Nerd) Just Bee Apiary





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