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Grow A Seed And Bee helps the bees and also raises awareness about the food that we eat. We would like to organise our events according to climates and season, i.e. planting seeds that will thrive given season and climate. We are taking our projects into schools and again, we envision to promote this idea seasonally and to promote the idea through contacting teachers, parents, PTAs and other organisations. We invite parents/teachers to take our ideas to the schools/into their classrooms by offering a simple curriculum/lesson plan around bee/pollinator friendly gardens – all downloadable from our pages. We are also looking to obtain seeds to distribute to schools, which entails getting donations or procuring seeds through crowdfunding, sponsorship or advertising. Your advertising on our pages will promote your product(s) through an ethically sound medium and help us distribute seeds for the bees and for us. Your assistance will be duly recognised on our pages which we would hope would increase more interest in the work that you are doing.

Advertising is available directly via our website. Your initial ‘splash’ page contains your logo or image with up to 250 characters of text, depending on size of image. Please see our Bulletin Board Gallery for further ideas and existing adverts.

Furthermore, clicking on your ‘splash’ page will reveal a full feature on your company/product(s) without the constraints of space limitation found elsewhere.

We also make ad space available via Google AdWords, which means that you can manage your placement and incorporate your ads on our site with other Google campaigns. Simply search for “” in your AdWords placement tool and you will find us!

Other Promotions

Grow a Seed and Bee is also very keen to entertain any other new and innovative marketing concepts that you or your company may have in mind, including but not limited to promotions and product giveaways, guest interviews, or coupon codes/vouchers. If you cannot see the type of advertising you are interested in, please do contact us by completing the form and we will, in most instances, find the profile you require.

Please note that as an ethically sound medium, we, through our vetting system, maintain the integrity of the ethical features of the supporters of Grow A Seed And Bee to ensure that the trust that you have placed in us and the bees is kept intact and the principles of this venture are followed.

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  1. Hi Gasab,
    Would love the opportunity to collaborate. Couldn’t figure out how to place an ad on your site. I’d like to do the annual for $15 for my new book, Bee BADASS and Brilliant. A holistic guide to create success on your terms, I chose to highlight the dwindling bee population and it’s effect on global agriculture to encourage more people to do what they can to help save the bees. Let me know what I need to do moving forward. Thank you!

    • says:

      Hey Nicole – Happy New Year to you! Only just seen your message. Did somebody get back to you on your query? If not, please let me know and I will get to work on it asap. Best, Caroline

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