Ad 7

ad1This is your advert page.

You decide on the amount of background info you wish to submit which will be displayed when you scroll over your image or logo. Click on the advert and a page will open with further information about your service or product.

Currently, we have a limited time offer which expires as soon as our Facebook page reaches 20k likes

$10.00 for 6 months, $15.00 for the entire year.

Thank you for advertising with us and promoting the work of Give a Seed and Bee


2 responses to “Ad 7”

  1. So my first bit of input is that its a tad confusing. Either i’m missing something OR the promps are not clear. I do not see a “get started” link or page. it looks like i click one of the “pins” and go from there but it doesn’t offer me a place to add a picture to the AD. Is the “comment” section at the bottom meant to be my text i’d like to bee on/in the ad?
    any help would be awesome!

    • Maja says:

      Sorry Marty – the link for inserting the advert is simply not there yet. The pins with the bee and dance are merely placeholders and to give a sense of what it could look like… :-) – cf. 4 existing ads to give you more of an indication…
      Which means that for the time being we are asking people to submit their pics and text via
      Sorry :-(

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